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Here. Have a moment of undiluted joy, courtesy of the wonder that is Benedict Cumberbatch in Hawking (2004).

For Miranda.

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S2 The Reichenbach Fall

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Christopher & Sylvia -Parade’s End(2012)

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Benedict Cumberbatch

Parade’s End interview & behind the scenes

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So I’m finally posting about this giveway! It’s a thank you for the 500 followers and those who have stuck faithfully with me since the beginning, those I didn’t scare away! :P

I will be picking 2 winners.

1st choice is The Parasol Protectorate book set. I really love this series and I wanna spread the love and get more people into knowing that, so the best way I could think of? Give it away in this giveway thing!

2nd choice is a Free! Iwatobi Swim Club japanese fan! I finally decided on a Free! item (other choices I was thinking about were Attack on Titan or Yowamushi Pedal)

This giveway will take place between July 24th to September 24th 2014


You must be following me sexuallyfabulousbutterfly, as this is a thank you to my followers, I will be checking. (You may reblog for reasons such as show it to a potentially interested friend or other things, but it will not make you eligible. I’ll verify that..)


-only reblogs count as an entry.

-your ask box must be open, so I can contact you if you win and you must be willing to give me your address so I can send it to you.

-first person that wins get first pick

-You have 48 hours to reply if you win. (you will get a pm). If I don’t hear back from you in 48 hours, your prize may be allocated to another person. *I will also post the winners urls on my blog.

-I will ship internationally but you may be liable for your own country’s import taxes. (I’m also not responsible if it’s lost in the mail, I don’t think it will happen but you never know)

-the winners will be picked by a random number generator.

-I reserve the right to change these rules if I have forgotten anything. (will reblog)

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Wow! Thank you so much everyone! I’ve just reached 4302 just now which is amazing. You seriously are all amazing and thank you so much. xxxx

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7 days of Benedict Cumberbatch
day 4 - favourite film/series: Star Trek Into Darkness

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